How Consultancy-Style IT Saves Your Business Money

In today’s market, many businesses are looking to be especially frugal. Every business must be excellent stewards of all of the resources available to them (time, money, knowledge, skills, team…) and business owners are feeling the strain that comes from an inflationary economic environment.

At techSure, we are in the same boat with you, business owners. We know how important it is to you that your partnerships, both client and vendor, be mutually beneficial. That is why we are passionate about creating high-value relationships with our clients.

In this article, we discuss three ways we create valuable partnerships for our clients through consultancy-style IT services and what to look for in your Managed Service Provider (MSP) to ensure maximum value from your IT service agreements.

1. Flat Fees for a High Value Partnership

Business ownership comes with many unexpected complications. No month, week, or even day of business is quite the same and there are many issues that cannot be anticipated ahead of time. Technology is also constantly changing. New innovations are coming at a rapid rate. Many of these innovations may massively help the way you do business. At the same time, malicious actors are also innovating constantly, creating new and more effective ways to harm individuals and businesses through technology.

Some business owners seek IT service on “break-fix” terms, meaning they pay hourly for services. This arrangement sometimes works well for businesses which do not utilize much technology but can become very costly during emergency situations which causes more stress on the company. 

Paying hourly for services discourages business owners and staff from submitting tickets proactively, sometimes leading to problems that build until a breakdown occurs. Downtime, especially due to preventable issues, is extremely costly to a business.

This issue is avoidable by securing a flat-fee IT service agreement. Paying a flat monthly fee for services ensures that issues are solved promptly and downtime is avoided. It also eliminates the feeling of “nickel and dime” bills which charge separately for each and every service. Ensure you get the maximum value from your services at the outset of your relationship with your MSP by planning for emergencies before they happen. Dealing with issues like downtime and cyber-attacks are stressful enough. Avoid a financial crisis on top of a business crisis by opting for flat-rate services

2. Prevention of Costly Downtime through Proactive Infrastructure

Tools do not ensure success, but they make it much easier to achieve. For example, when making whipped cream you can absolutely use a whisk, but an electric hand mixer (and especially a stand-mixer) will get the job done a lot quicker and with a lot less sweat! In the same way, never upgrading software or using outdated hardware may seem like it is saving money for your business but the efficiency and time you lose could be more costly than you realize.

Partnering with an expert MSP who can recommend effective use of your budget for upgrades as needed helps keep your business running smoothly and competitively, avoiding costly breakdowns and obsolescence of the cornerstones of your office’s productivity.

3. Expertise Utilization for Budget Allocation

Additionally, utilizing the tool expertise of your MSP saves your business money! In the same way you seek the expertise of a seasoned mechanic on the repair of your vehicle’s specific make and model, or heed the advice of an experienced financial advisor on the best way to grow your resources for retirement, seek the expertise of your MSP partner to guide your purchase and implementation of new tools into your business.

Salespeople for technical products and services are often not experts (or even familiar) with the current challenges or specific needs of your business. What looks like a good deal in an advertisement or from a sales pitch may be unnecessary or inefficient at solving the problems of your business. Advocate for yourself and get a second opinion from your trusted expert MSP before purchasing new hardware, implementing new software or buying a product or service for your business! This ensures you are optimizing your technology budget and saving your business unnecessary complication and heartache from buyer’s remorse.

At techSure, we understand the current struggle for business owners in today’s market. That is why we are passionate about offering high-value consultancy-style services to our clients. Consultancy IT service basically means that we create relationships with our clients so we know their needs and can recommend wise use of resources. We want to keep you ahead of the curve in your industry stress-free and we focus on offering simple and elegant IT solutions to you and your staff. We are invested in your success and provide packages that maximize the value you receive.

We offer flat-rate pricing for monthly packages so you can feel confident that you can get the service you need without being surprised by the bill. We are also passionate about proactively preparing for the unexpected, and defending you when it happens. We ensure our customers get a high value out of their tools through infrastructure planning with them for their business and offering our expertise to help them evaluate technical purchases.

Our experience shows that partnering with an expert MSP who is invested in your success saves business owners money over time and can help ensure long-term success. Partner with techSure today to see the benefits of consultancy-style IT service in your business!

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